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In his arms
Hold your breath and stop your heart
Share a soul and fall into their heart
That's what it's like to fall for someone
Bit your lip and close your eyes
When love begins, it's only a start
Our lips collide and there's a spark
Our bodies touch and there's a need
Our eyes meet and there's a sparkle
Our souls fly and we're together
I thought I knew what love was but I was so wrong
Deep down in my heart I know you could be the one
The one to make me happy, the one to love me
In my heart I want to love you for so long
Our lips collide and there's a spark
Our bodies touch and there's a need
Our eyes meet and there's a sparkle
Our souls fly and we're together
(not done)
:iconxhopelessxnightmarex:xhopelessxnightmarex 1 1
The Impossible boy (love)
(rough ROUGH draft,... going to edit!)
With my heart on a leash
and my body off limits too
I met a boy who didn't have a clue
I've been hurt before
My heart bleeding and my tears sliding down my cheeks
I've been used before
The hot sticky sweat of bodies turning into tears to drown
I'd given up, a hiatus I didn't want to make
but then I met him, the boy without a clue
I heard he had been hurt once too
Texting turned into talking, talking into flirting
And then one night he drove me home
He dropped me off, simple as that
I couldn't believe he just took me home
It was like a whirlwind, my emotions as I waited
My hands clammy as we got closer
His smile reflected on my lips as he grabbed my hand
A spark in my heart he just created
I had given up, a choice I thought for the better
But then I met him, a guy without a clue
He had told me he had been hurt too
That day, eyes sparkled and smiles reached for the heavens
A hug so close, a caress of the skin
I felt the nervousness set in
Who knew w
:iconxhopelessxnightmarex:xhopelessxnightmarex 0 0
First real love
(rough draft and written fast (just so I didn't have depressing shit on here when a special friend looked at my poetry))
Our hearts wander the streets
Seeking out companions
Our hearts don't know what's best
sometimes we end up at the bottom of a canyon
So let me get this straight
I don't know what love is?
but I did, when I was 16
Oh... I was so wrong.
Now that my heart is on a leash and my body too
I've sworn off relationships until I met a boy who didn't have a clue
:iconxhopelessxnightmarex:xhopelessxnightmarex 0 1
Wow, the last two were jerks
(this is a rough, rough draft.
Emotional roller coasters sent me through hell
But I think I made it before the last bell
The realization sets in
I think I've been so wrong
How could I have thought I loved them
How could I have lied so badly to myself
How could I have hurt myself over and over
The lies, the abuse, the use... I had fallen so far
So many lovesick tears
Created so many new age fears
They did this to me
Yet I blame myself
Why did I lie to my heart
I knew, yet I let him use me
Even from the very start
Reality, I knew I could see
Night after night he came in the dark
Our sweaty bodies colliding in need
His need was my want, my want his need..
But I knew I could never have him
His mouth on my skin and his hands entangled in my hair
The heat of our bodies created moans in the air
The whole time I knew it wasn't fair
And soon my sweat turned into tears
:iconxhopelessxnightmarex:xhopelessxnightmarex 1 0
Poem of the past is pain
Look at the sky tonight
The stars dance for you
lay beside me and hold me close
If you are mine I will be yours
I feel your heart next to mine
As you watch and wait for me
Well it's about time for honesty
And I'm honestly falling for you
Look at the sky tonight
The clouds are drifting away
Aren't we a beautiful sight love?
Lets take baby steps and take it slow
I can't say that I'm not terrified
Because I am afraid to love you
Hold me close and don't ever leave
Whisper in my ear, "everything will be okay"
Tell me that your love is true
And that I have nothing to fear
If I give you my heart
And promise not to break it too soon
Promise me not to break it too soon....
:iconxhopelessxnightmarex:xhopelessxnightmarex 0 0
Lovesick Lullabye's
I linger in the doorway
Thinking of what I had and how I lost it
Frozen tears slide down my cheeks
And white knuckles grip my lungs..... I cant breathe now
I built a haven around you and your memories
but now I'm haunted by your lasting presence
Oh how I long for the past to come about,
to see your smiling face, one I remember all too well
What went wrong? I'm frozen in place, bleeding in my chest
My refuge is no more, where my heart was, is now pain
lovesick monsters tear at the walls in my mind
Oh God, just watch me fall past my lowest point
What have I done now? It's too late...
The floor beneath my tired feet crumbles fast
The regrets of my actions have caught me by the hair
Or maybe that is just you... the monster you've become...
All that I'm living for is you
All that I'm dying for is the smallest piece of you
:iconxhopelessxnightmarex:xhopelessxnightmarex 0 0
Love Story: part four
That day, it was twenty questions for Ariane
those for Mike were left unanswered
But my spirits are lifted and that glow is back
Everyone knows something is up
Left with wonder, old feelings resurfacing
I struggle with his complex being
Arriving with anxiety, new chances
Does he struggle with old feelings?
"Ow!" I shriek as he flicks me on the arm, scooting away from him. He only laughs and brings his arm around me, pulling me close, so that my head is on his shoulder. I breathe in deeply, his scent penetrating my every senses. Wait, What is he doing? I tense as he puts his head on mine. A few minutes later, I sit up, my heart lodged almost permanently in my throat. His arm seems to want to stay around me as I try to gently shrug it off. "So, whats up?" I stand up, unable to handle it anymore.
I watch him closely as he stands up, looking down the street for the bus that he is supposed to catch. "Nothin'." He pulls me into a hug and i feel him put his chin on the top of my head. Yes, I
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A love story: part two.
Baby, was this love for real?
I have no poems or art to tell
Let me into your arms to feel
Let's rewind to the time we fell
I found there's no such thing as a true love
Or maybe that was just the shot heard 'round the world
as he shot a bullet right through my heart
Because I know that I loved him with my whole heart, soul and being.
"Why?" I tried to be strong, ignoring the tears that ran down my cheeks.
"I need to do this for myself," he said kindly, wiping away my tears. "Don't you understand? Don't be selfish."
I laughed. Me, selfish? All i wanted to do was to help him. "Oh shut up, jerk."
He became serious, "Do you remember that one big question I asked you before?" I was silent, afraid. "Will you marry me?"
He hurt me in a way I could not replicate
After was like a big empty hole in my chest
Maybe it is silly, a teenage fantasy
I guess I fell too hard, left with a broken heart
The words he spoke,
I ate them up like a starving child.
The ways he touched,
I craved his warm touch li
:iconxhopelessxnightmarex:xhopelessxnightmarex 0 0
A Love Story: part one.
Well, I've got a little story to tell,
Of a boy and a girl real close and all,
They fell in love, she fell in love,
Two hurt souls touched and rose above..
but then they fell apart...
I smiled, I laughed, we kissed
He promised he was the one for me
He held (me), he cried, we broke
I lied when I said I would be fine...
This is now, lets go to back then....
My heart, I was alive,
I had smiles in my eyes.
and him, his crooked smile,
Would give proof to words unsaid.
But I could see the hurt in him.
The terrible daemons that followed.
The terrified and angry shadows
would call out to him like the devil
We both struggled with darkness
But he had pain not deserved,
permanent scars not welcomed.
He had walls built up to hide.
His story told, I cried
Abused and neglected, I vowed to love him.
My story told, tears ran.
Hurt, lost and self abused, he promised his heart.
"I was abused by my biological parents in Poland," he said solemnly, "I was then adopted...then my first family left me at a ch
:iconxhopelessxnightmarex:xhopelessxnightmarex 1 5
Hope and love to all <3
check me out,
join good causes
I am a street team member. a proud one.
:iconxhopelessxnightmarex:xhopelessxnightmarex 1 0
Why can't I love
Do something you've never done before
Fall into my arms and be afraid
I'll hold you close
and tell you that you're ready to fly
You know what you want
But I want you to be happy
Believe me as I say that I love you
(Please) I'll keep you safe each and every day (come back)
What do you mean you like someone else?
But I stole your heart
What do you mean you're not ready to date?
Do your feelings mean nothing?
Your heart doesn't even belong to me, right?
I'll get over it, trust me I will
But why did you say those things, promise those things
When you are angry with me for being confused
I will heal from the wound
But no one can replace you
We are just friends, we said this that Monday night
You filled my head with hopes and fantasies
But with harsh language you now tell me to get over it
A few days ago you loved me; you called me hun.
I'm okay if you don't have feelings for me
I just don't understand… how things could change
It's too hard to see me, I guess
My heart dies without you,
:iconxhopelessxnightmarex:xhopelessxnightmarex 0 1
With a broken heart...
Baby my ambition is gone, motivation no longer
Self-destruction is on the brink, ready for war
And now that you're gone, I'm lost within myself
And with this Broken Heart, Old Scars Resurface
You unlocked something within me
You opened my heart and walked though the walls
But then you broke it and made it bleed
Now everything is flooding out and down my story falls
Sure, say you'll come back to me
In the end we will see which heart is the one that dies.
But baby you drowned my dreams
As I hold my arms around my emptiness; the self-hatred sets in
Don't you see what you've done?
You're fueling my hope, my vicious hurt killing me
This cruel ghost of the love that we felt
Tortures me, killing me slowly
I can see your pain and I'm sorry
I cry for you and I just wish I could take it away
What if I wanted to break?
What if I gave up and left you to find me
Would you come? Would you chase?
Would you hurt as much as I hurt?
Baby I love you but I can't bleed forever
But one thing I want most is
:iconxhopelessxnightmarex:xhopelessxnightmarex 0 2
I lost you...
I linger in the doorway
Thinking of what I had and how I lost it
Frozen tears slide down my cheeks
And white knuckles grip my lungs, so I cant breathe now
I built a haven around you and your memories
but now I'm haunted by your presence
Oh how I long for the past
to see your smiling face, I remember all too well
What went wrong? I'm frozen in place
My refuge is no more where my mind is pain
lovesick monsters tear at my walls
Watch me fall down past my lowest point
What have I done now?
The floor beneath me crumbles fast
The regrets of my actions have caught up to me
All that I'm living for is you
All that I'm killing myself for is the smallest piece of you
:iconxhopelessxnightmarex:xhopelessxnightmarex 1 2
I wish you well
From the shadows of our mind
From the pain of our scars
From the clutches of fate
In the trap of the hurt
You know you want it to change
Please don’t be scared… or surprised…
You had to have seen this coming
50 miles too fast in the wrong direction
Let’s skip the fall and get to the recovery
[Take your own advice (own advice)]
[And fight for your life (your life)]
Tonight you will take your first breath
And ignite the flame to defy death
You don’t know how strong you really are
You don’t know that you’re destined to go far
There will be a way out
An angel here to comfort
Steady hands to catch the fall
Don’t be afraid of… the darkness…
To get into the light
He stalks and preys, and he will always lie
And you know the memory of him will never die
He taunts, he craves and enjoys all the torment
Until you believe that everything he said really truthfully represents
Who you are… and what the past is… but hun you have to know that
:iconxhopelessxnightmarex:xhopelessxnightmarex 0 2
Tonight I see the Bitter Rain
Tonight I see the bitter rain
It has come to drown all the kids
With no reason to live
Better yet, to drive them insane
Through the window of the mirror
I see the angelic monster
Of what I am, and of what I cannot be
Oh just watch as I scream in terror
The ground trembles, shrieks of silence
Pierce the dreams I can’t make out
Hands that reach out to hold me
Ghosts of wants, they suffocate me in truth
I surrender every ounce of strength to fight
To you, please use it well
I can’t hold on anymore
I hope to God that you will be well tonight
Please don’t be scared… or surprised
You had to have seen this coming
50 miles too fast in the wrong direction
My pain and weakness so well guised
:iconxhopelessxnightmarex:xhopelessxnightmarex 0 1
My Emotional Roller coaster
I'm my emotions toy
they play and play till i'm exhausted
they abuse, reuse and misuse me
I'm in their control you see
I'm a puppet with no strings attached
I'm a feeble servant
Bowing down and obeding orders of the soul
At times i feel like I'm crazy, losing control
My day is like a roller coaster
Up and down on the tracks I go
I'm solar with energy then drowning in misery
Im tired of all the commotion
I'm sick of feeling,
of kneeling,
of dealing out the cards
the cards that everyone should disregard
I can't do this anymore
I can't deal with the numbness
and the insane sensitivity
I don't think I can handle all this activity
:iconxhopelessxnightmarex:xhopelessxnightmarex 1 2



United States
Favourite genre of music: Alternative rock, punk rock.. rock.. emo.. then there's always the hiphop
Favourite cartoon character: Raven from teen titans
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hey guys! I'm a senior in college now and need help for my graduating level of psychology! I need participants. If you can, it takes a few minutes. Your participation is needed, appreciated, and completely confidential!

<3 I will love you forever!

If you or others you know who have been diagnosed with depression, or other mental illnesses, please, pass it along!

One love!


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